Logistics Industry

For Use In

Agricultural Farms & Barns, Agricultural & Livestock Buildings, Barn & Farm Premises, Breeding Facilities, Foot Baths & Wash Stalls and Pens & Stalls

For Use On

Animal Crates, Automatic Feeders, Brushes, Buckets, Carts, Tables & Feed Racks, Troughs, Gates & Handling Equipment, Gathering Guiding/Controlling Equipment, Grooming Equipment, Non-Porous Harnesses & Leashes, Non-Porous Fencing, Trailers, Transportation Crates and Trucks & Vehicles


We are a dealer for Prevail disinfectant cleaner and deodorizer products which is well known as a top level disinfectant in the poultry industry. We carry wipes and liquid concentrate in various sizes to meet your needs. We are able to provide the concentrate in 1L spray bottles, 3.76 L jugs, 18.9 L pails, and 200L drums. Contact for pricing.


We provide different brands for large or small scale orders anywhere in Canada. Bio-products we are able to provide are coveralls, dust masks, filtered masks, hair nets, and boot covers. Custom pre-packaged bio kits can also be requested in personalized styles, sizes and quantities. Contact for prices.