Steel Industry


Crate loading

We have loaded broilers and roosters in crates since 1978 across several provinces. We continue to do so from multi floor barns in various provinces.

Modular loading

We have been loading broilers daily in modules since 1988 across various provinces. We have had the excitement of working together with 5 different processors as they switched from crates to modular loading. We arrive as a self contained unit , supplying the crew and forklift/telehandler.


We provide several services to the layer industry. We are involved with beak trimming, vaccinating, loading and unloading pullets, and removing spent hens. In the past this was all done in the province of Ontario and The Great Lake States in the U.S. Today we operate these services across the province of Ontario.

Broiler Breeders

We contract with United Poultry Services to provide all services to the broiler breeder industry across Ontario. This includes vaccinating, loading and placing pullets and then removing the fowl.